Covid-19 Vaccine Update

We are all waiting for the Covid-19 vaccine, however, even if it arrives next year, the WHO announced that young people could wait until 2022 to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

The end of 2020 is approaching and with it the hope that the “nightmare” of is over, they will find the vaccine, give it to us and we can continue with our lives. Unfortunately, the World Health Organization has made this known, but it will not be the case.

In a question and answer session for the YouTube channel of the WHO, the chief scientist of this organization, Soumya Swaminath, explained that vaccines have never been produced in the volumes that will be needed worldwide, so although it is hoped that there will be vaccines in 2021, these will be in a limited quantity.

Therefore, the aim is to create a structure to see how it could be prioritized to know who to give the vaccine to. In that sense, there is a general consensus that the people with the highest risk of getting infected and sick with Covid are health personnel, then the elderly and the most vulnerable.

In this case, we would be talking about what is known as the risk group: people with chronic respiratory diseases, heart problems, diabetes, obesity, cancer or those with a weakened immune system or chronic disease, such as those with liver or kidney problems.

According to this structure, it is considered that an average person, someone young and healthy, could have to wait until 2022 to obtain a vaccine, but by then, mortality could have been reduced and those at greater risk could have been protected.

Of course, it is important to remember that the vaccine is not yet ready; however, the results are expected to be complete by the beginning of 2021. The next step would be to comply with the regulations for approval; in order to expedite this, WHO has requested access to the results of the advanced trials, always with the commitment of not affecting the results, taking into account that the vaccine will be applied to billions of people and the right decision must be made.

For their part, countries must start organizing themselves to know who will receive the vaccine once it arrives, including prioritizing among health personnel and how it will be distributed.

Why is it important to vaccinate vulnerable groups first?

Let’s remember that the risk of having dangerous symptoms of Covid, increases in the elderly and those with serious health problems, something that is similar to other respiratory diseases such as influenza and has been of great impact on the number of deaths, according to specialists from Mayo Clinc.

On the other hand, health authorities have stressed the importance of protecting health workers, as they are on the “front line”, not only because of the support they represent, but also because they can act as transmitters of the virus in their workplaces.

This is why these groups are considered the first to be vaccinated, since their risk of complication and death is higher. By protecting them, mortality rates could be reduced. Watch out, if you are young and suffer from any of these diseases, you could also be a candidate for the vaccine.

Don’t get confused! Just because you are not considered a risk group does not mean that you cannot get sick and spread the virus, so don’t let your guard down and take care of yourself and the people around you.

Let’s remember that, although there is hope that next year there will be a safe and effective vaccine, that is not a fact and we cannot be confident. Continue to implement protective and preventive measures.

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The J Bourne

The J Bourne

I write about the things I am most passionate about Health & Fitness. When I’m not on Medium, I create content my website:

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